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Dubai’s best professional snagging company

Dubai's best professional snagging company

The finest investments in real estate are always those that have passed the snagging test, often known as building inspections. Your pleasure with the property will be determined by a number of critical factors, including the lack of unpleasant surprises, the assurance of quality, and the resulting trust in the foundation. As a result, if you fail to properly inspect your new structure for defects, you will not only be bypassing a critical stage that assures pleasure, but also one that provides a substantial return on investment (ROI).

Property inspections have long been considered as a benefit for the buyer but a liability for the developer. As a result of these conditions, vendors are less motivated than buyers to perform thorough evaluations.

At MMP, our staff deliberately points out any and all small and significant quality concerns, faults, omissions, general building difficulties, and inadequate craftsmanship. The new property is then extensively inspected in every way (both indoors and exterior).

What really is snagging?

A snag is a little fault or issue that remains in your property after construction has been completed. It is usually anything that is damaged, does not fit well, or looks to be unfinished. Consider a scrape on a window or a door with a broken hinge.

Minor faults or “snags” caused by substandard construction or tools are common in newly constructed homes. It is your obligation to document and alert the builder of any issues you discover. Furthermore, if you are hiring contractors to renovate your property, you should do so.

The majority of faults are aesthetic in nature, but more significant ones, such as huge cracks and badly fitting kitchen equipment, might occasionally arise in your property.

Why Do You Require Snagging?

A snagging list is intended to keep track of problems in your home so that the builder may fix them. Is my property not inspected for flaws? Your new home’s building code inspections should have been successful, and it should come with a structural guarantee from a respectable insurance carrier.

It is your house builder’s responsibility to check the property and remedy any cosmetic concerns before you finalize the sale, however it is doubtful that they will find everything.

When Is It Time To Make A Snagging List?

When acquiring a freshly constructed house, it is critical to create a home inspection checklist. This ensures that you obtain the highest level of building quality for which you have paid. It is intended to be used at the end of a building project and operates as a “defects liability period,” allowing for the discovery of problems in the home and subsequent rectification or repair by the builder.

Why Should You Hire Property Snagging Services?

Having the expert help of the Dubai Approvals Team ensures that the property will be handed over in the best possible condition. This joyous occasion might be tarnished by hidden faults in the home, which can and will affect your ownership of the house. We are a recognized snagging company that can improve your confidence and help you complete a deal.

Investing in real estate entails both great dangers and enormous returns. Understanding the genuine condition of the property is one way to ensure a successful real estate transaction. In reality, the Dubai Approvals Team handles this for you. Our property snagging and inspection service allows you to save future maintenance costs and increase productivity by inspecting the finishing quality. Most significantly, the Dubai Approvals team works with you to increase the value of your house and make it simpler to sell.

What are the primary advantages of a snagging service?

A professional inspector is more likely to discover faults than a homeowner. As part of their service, they can engage with your house builder on your behalf and push for the repairs. Furthermore, you are not required to participate personally.

You can request that they inspect the remedial work for an additional fee to ensure that it was completed correctly, check for additional damage, and give additional ongoing help.

Professional Sagging Company Advantages


What does and does not fall inside the purview of your snagging inspection? is an important question to ask snagging firms.

Snagging companies may concentrate on specific sectors, such as plumbing and electrical, while ignoring others, such as home alarm systems. You might always ask for a sample snagging survey to check exactly what is covered.

Experience and knowledge

Examining their previous work, contacting references, and knowing about their home-building experience are all required. How well-established and knowledgeable do they appear to be in their field?

Opinion Differing

Snagging companies have significant ties with developers in the construction industry. Conflicts of interest may emerge if your snagging service also undertakes work for the specific builder or developer you represent. It is critical that you select a snagging company that shares your ambition to purchase a decent home.


When it comes to sample snagging surveys, it’s critical to understand how the company provides its survey. Some may merely provide a written report, whilst others may give images of the problems to the builder. When demanding that the builder or developer pay for repairs, keep in mind that specifics are critical.

Taking care of future snags

Snags might be minor, intricate, or difficult to locate. As a result, the initial sweep may not catch everything. To avoid re-snags, find out if your snagging firm covers the cost of future inspections. Some companies may charge you extra for this.

How Can We Assist You?

MMP is Dubai’s leading professional snagging company, providing comprehensive and diverse residential property management and handover inspection services around the city.

We have created a nationwide team of specialist inspectors that are dedicated to their work and are highly qualified and experienced. They have extremely high standards when it comes to securing a new-build house.

With our in-house snagging services in Dubai, we provide specialized tools, expertise, and qualified people to quickly uncover small and major faults. You may contact with the developer and get the issues fixed while saving time and effort by using our services.

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