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What to Look for When Choosing a Property Management Company

Property Management Company Factors

There are several advantages to owning property. Apart from living expenses, investors may benefit handsomely from rental income and property selling. When investing in real estate, it is best to do it in a thriving economy like the UAE. The market is growing and attracting both locals and visitors.

Because they live in another nation, immigrants in particular may find it difficult to manage a property. This is where property management companies come in to take care of the properties.

Hiring a property management company on the other hand, is a planned procedure that necessitates various considerations. We shall go through several property management company factors before choosing the service.


property management company
A property management company makes life much easier since it manages all relevant issues.

The availability of many sorts of properties in the UAE allows for a huge number of individuals to own property there. Investors and wealthy individuals may wind up with many residences. People can also buy houses in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other Emirates using various sorts of mortgages.

In either scenario, after the property is brought, there are numerous factors to consider. Managing property may be a difficult and time-consuming task. Finding a right property management company is also one of the real estate investor advice for better results. As a result, property owners may find a management company to be a reasonable alternative.

But what qualities should you look for for in a property management company? Let’s go through some property management company aspects to think about before finalizing the deal to ensure a smooth experience.


A property management company’s size and expertise in the area are two of the most crucial factors to consider. There are several property management companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other Emirates. However, each organization varies in size and years of expertise in the sector.

A smaller organization may not have the resources to handle bigger properties. For example, luxury villa maintenance needs more staff than apartment maintenance.

You should also evaluate the company’s years of industry expertise. Renting, rebuilding, and other procedures all have effects on the law. As a result, it is important to pick a company that is aware with all of the legal requirements and approvals.


property management company usually offers 24/7 service
A reputable property management company normally provides its customers with 24-hour service.

This is also one of the most significant property management company decisions to make before signing the contract. Customers may have questions during their relationship with a management the company. For example, a customer may want information regarding the title deed or how to advertise a property for sale.

A property management company must be available at all times in any instance. Knowing that the organization is there to address any client problems offers them a sense of security. Many businesses provide customer service that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


When selecting a property management company, it is critical to check that the organization provides good value for money. It is the company’s moral obligation to propose ways that are useful to the customers.

This involves locating suitable tenants and proposing improved financial plans and mortgage choices to assist with budget reduction. Additionally, companies should look for methods to cut property management costs so that consumers have the greatest possible experience.


reviews and testimonials
Check out the company's reviews and testimonials.
  • Manage my Property" is a dynamic company, attentive to the needs of the customer, whether it is the owner or the tenant.  The owner, Marcello Arcangeli, has competence and professionalism, as well as a deep knowledge of the laws of the country: he is therefore an excellent consultant capable of giving the right advice to customers.  His staff is also made up of quality people, cordial and competent, and I was pleased to note the presence of many young people and many women.  I met Marcello for an interview and I had confirmation of what I had been told by
  • MMP one of the best property management of Dubai. They offer great solution for all over the budget. I rent a studio with them and the service and the process was all excellent. I really recommend it. The owner Mr Marcello a serous professional with a great experience in Dubai and in Italy
  • They have a lot of experience in the market, they take care about client and their property . They are super professional and they always suggest the best solution. Definitely I can recommend them
  • I have had the fortune to deal with them as tenant for several properties, personal and business and i m very satisfy. Contracts and agreements are clear, maintance is on the spot and comunication are easy and straight forward. Living ina. Property well maintained and managed is a stress-free pleasure
  • I was hunting for a good Property Management Company to take care of my Studio in Dubai Azizi Riviera 4. I called 3 companies, out of which my gut feeling went with MMP (Manage My Property). I was not wrong. My Account Manager Nitch Claire Lao took care of all my stresses within no time. With her hard work and continuous efforts; today the tenants are moving in my Studio. She is always very professional, gives prompt responses to emails, voice mails and phone calls and always had a friendly attitude at all times. Staff like Nitch makes MMP #

In every business, reputation is important. It is also one of the most important property management company considerations to examine before committing to a service. Examine previous client testimonials and reviews to obtain a sense of the company’s offerings.

If feasible, contact previous clients to obtain a more detailed account of the property management the company. Only sign the contract if you are pleased with what you have read.


Certain companies may provide the same services and packages regardless of the type of property. While this is advantageous for those who own villas or large houses, it is not a realistic alternative for those who own smaller properties.

Avoiding companies with one-size-fits-all rules. The contract should be customized to the needs of the customer and the kind of property. If an organization fails to deliver, there is an option for canceling a property management contract in Dubai or any other Emirates.


licenced and authorised companies
In any case, only use licensed and authorized companies.

One of the most crucial things to look for in a property management company is authorization and licensing. Companies may provide attractive pricing and services, but they are useless if they are not licensed.

Check the company’s certificates and licenses on the appropriate government websites. Working with a company that is not registered may lead clients into trouble. As a result, conduct your homework and avoid being enticed by inexpensive prices and extra services.


A contract acts as the agreement between the parties involved. Whether it is the registration or renewal of a property management contract or any other arrangement, willingness is required. The contract’s terms and conditions must be fully specified, with no hidden provisions.

Examine all of the terms and conditions before signing the contract. Check for any hidden regulations in the contract. Furthermore, if you come across any words that you do not understand, discuss them with the organization.


Inquire about home insurance, which protects against unexpected events.

This is also one of the most important property management company factors before signing a contract. Insurance is essential because it protects against unforeseen disasters. Inquire about the company’s insurance coverage. For example, general liability, property casualty, or any other type of insurance.

In rare situations, the company might encourage you to obtain your own house insurance. There are several house insurance companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other Emirates that may assist you in this area.

These are all qualities to look for in a property management company. Hiring a property management company has several advantages. Hiring a property management service saves time and work. Consider the aforementioned aspects before selecting a company to manage your property to get the most out of the experience.

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