All Documents Required to Lease a Property in Dubai

Rent a Property in Dubai

Property leasing in Dubai is the most common residency choice; hence, if you’re going to rent a unit in this amazing emirate, the first thing you need do after locating a good home is to complete the necessary documentation. There is no need to do more research because this post has detailed information on the […]

How to Get Your Full Security Deposit From Your Landlord

how to get security deposit back from landlord in dubai

The Rental Law in Dubai Getting Deposit Back Renters’ Rights FAQs When their contracts are up for renewal, tenants can look around for better deals in Dubai’s burgeoning real estate market. While Ejari contracts have made landlords and renters’ life simpler, securing a complete security deposit recovery in Dubai can be difficult at times. When […]

Checklist for choosing the right tenant in Dubai

Dubai landlords checklist for choosing the right tenant

IN THIS POST Employment status Good conduct Number of occupants Presence of pets Maintenance responsibilities Dietary preferences Rental agreement FAQs One of the many advantages of renting out an apartment or villa in Dubai is the possibility of making a good profit. It does, however, have some dangers, the majority of which may be avoided […]

A comprehensive guide on Dubai tenancy contracts

tenancy contract in dubai

Rent Contract in Dubai Tenancy Laws Rights and Obligations Important Tenancy Clauses Tenancy Contract Details Required Documents Signatories FAQs A tenancy contract is the single most significant tool for regulating the rental property market in Dubai. Understanding rental contracts in Dubai, as well as the rights and duties that come with them, will help you […]