Responsibilities Every Tenant in Dubai Should Follow

tenant rights and responsibilities in Dubai

Dubai might be appealing for a variety of reasons. People from every walk of life visit the city of gold on a regular basis for travel, job, or investment. The city is completely prepared to handle the massive inflow of people. Renting is a realistic alternative for the majority of individuals, whether they are staying […]

How to Get Your Full Security Deposit From Your Landlord

how to get security deposit back from landlord in dubai

The Rental Law in Dubai Getting Deposit Back Renters’ Rights FAQs When their contracts are up for renewal, tenants can look around for better deals in Dubai’s burgeoning real estate market. While Ejari contracts have made landlords and renters’ life simpler, securing a complete security deposit recovery in Dubai can be difficult at times. When […]

All you need to know about Dubai tenancy law.

Dubai tenancy law

About the Tenancy laws in RERA The Terms of the RERA Tenancy law Rent Increases Tenant and Landlord Responsibilities FAQs Before you sign your rental contract in Dubai, it is important that you are aware with the RERA tenancy contract laws. RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency) governs tenant rights in Dubai, landlord requirements, and the […]