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How to Register and Renew Dubai Property Management Contracts

How to Register & Renew Property Management Contracts in Dubai

Dubai has developed into an investment hotspot, with several real estate investment options. Having and maintaining many homes may be difficult. When it comes to property management, real estate management companies registered with the Dubai Land Department (DLD) offer a wide range of services.

Because there are several profitable investment options available, property owners may expand their assets while reducing their effort by hiring property management experts. DLD has launched a contract registration service to help owners and property management companies manage their relationships.

Let us go through how to register and renew a property management contract in Dubai.


The Dubai Land Department regulates the property sector in Dubai. However, the DLD Ejari good thing in contract management in Dubai. It enables homeowners and property management companies in Dubai to register and renew their property management contracts.

For the registration or renewal of a property management contract in Dubai, users must first register on the Ejari system. Following are the processes that Dubai property management companies must take to register or renew a property management contract.


Applicants can apply for contract registration by submitting the necessary documentation.

Before their property management contract renewal or registration in Dubai, users must register or renew their Ejari details. Homeowners must provide the following documentation to request an Ejari account:

  • Emirates Id
  • Property ownership number registered with the DLD by the landlord


To use the system, property management companies in Dubai must also register with Ejari. They must supply the following documentation:

  • Commercial licence number
  • The property management company’s owner’s Emirates ID


To register the contract between the property management company and the homeowner, the following conditions must be met:

  • Copy of the homeowner’s and real estate company’s property management contract
  • To manage real estate leasing, the organization must be licensed.
  • The homeowner, someone with power of attorney, or a management company must sign the contract.
  • The homeowner and the company must be registered in the Ejari system.


property manager
Applicants can use the Ejari system to register for or renew a contract.

After verifying that you satisfy the above conditions, you must register and renew the contract in Dubai as follows:

  • Consumers must go to the Ejari system.
  • If they haven’t already, register their user accounts on Ejari or log in to their accounts.
  • Choose the service to register and renew the property management contract.
  • Complete the form and send the relevant papers.
  • Fill out the application form and send it in.
  • Customers will get an email following the approval request.

The Ejari system takes around 1 hour and 35 minutes to finish the procedure. Customers will get a registered management contract once the procedure is finished and the application is approved.


DLD provides a free service for registering or renewing property management contracts.
DLD provides a free service for registering or renewing property management contracts.

The Dubai Land Department provides a free service for the renewal or registration of property management contracts.

It completes the registration and renewal of the property management contract procedure. The procedure is simple and convenient. Also, it is free of charge. While renting an apartment in Dubai, you may employ a property management company to handle rent collecting, Ejari registration and renewal, and unit maintenance.

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