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Property Management Contract Cancellation in Dubai

Property Management Contract in Dubai

Dubai is well-known for its investor-friendly rules, which encourage people to invest in real estate. Several investors own many properties and rent them out for a profit. For investors, owning and maintaining many homes becomes stressful. Having said that, they can get into a deal with property management companies.

Homeowners, on the other hand, have the right to cancel property management contracts if the real estate manager fails to offer the services as agreed. These are the specifics on seeking the termination of a property management contract in Dubai, as well as the grounds for doing so.


In the event of the company's irresponsibility, homeowners have the right to cancel the property management contract.

Property management companies in Dubai provide effective services and assist owners in achieving a higher Return when buying and renting out properties. Homeowners, on the other hand, have the right to switch property management companies by cancelling contracts with failing ones.

Property management contracts can be canceled for a variety of reasons. The following are some of the most common causes for the termination of a property management contract in Dubai:

  • Violate of a contract term, which may result in strict action against the landlord
  • Tenants having problems with maintenance services
  • You are unable to rent your property.


Because real estate management companies are registered with the Dubai Land Department, termination of property management contracts needs RERA clearance (DLD). Moreover, the homeowners must get the following records and materials from the property manager:

  • The keys to the house
  • Report on the condition of the property
  • Ledger of tenants
  • Information about the tenant
  • Rental agreements, renewals, and any other forms

The landlord must also notify the tenant of the end of the property management contract. Having said that, the landlord will be responsible for the property until he or she signs and registers a property management contract in Dubai with a new company.


Due to the registration or renewal of property management contracts in Dubai, cancellation needs DLD approval. The homeowners or property management companies can cancel the contract if the following conditions and requirements are met.


To request the service, applicants must have an Ejari account.

Except for an application for a property management contract termination request, DLD’s service requires no documents. They must, however, satisfy the following service requirements:

  • To perform real estate activities in the Emirate, the property management company must be licenced by DLD.
  • A management contract must be signed by the homeowner or a person with power of attorney.
  • Companies and homeowners wishing to cancel property management contracts in Dubai must be registered with Ejari.


Requesting a termination of a property management contract is straightforward and includes the following steps:

  • Applicants must sign up for the Ejari system or connect in to their existing account.
  • Fill out the form completely and attach any relevant documents, such as the property management company’s licence.
  • Electronically submit the application.
  • After the application is granted, the consumer receives an email informing them that their property management contract in Dubai has been cancelled.


DLD provides a free service for registering or renewing property management contracts.
The cancellation of a property management agreement in Dubai is free of charge with DLD.

When requesting to cancel a property management contract in Dubai, users are not required to pay any costs. Yet, they may need to settle the real estate company’s expenses because some management companies impose a fee for canceling before the term finishes.

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